Sensei: “When is the time to strike?”

Me: “When the opportunity presents itself!”

Sensei: “Good, Grasshopper.”


Back in college I was training for my black belt in Isshinryu karate.  One of the codes of Isshinryu states, “The time to strike is when the opportunity presents itself.” I always loved this saying because I am hard-wired for action. Do! Do! Do!  I cannot NOT act. At least that is how I have always been. Through coaching and being coached, I am soaking in more than ever that a Human Being is just as important as a Human Doing.  I now have a new relationship with this word, “Now.”


I bought a new watch. It has an hour hand, a minute hand and a second hand like any traditional watch would have. But it has a special bonus for my new outlook. It says NOW right in the middle of it.  The “former me” would have used this tool to keep on acting. Just Do it…NOW! In the wisdom of my almost-40 self, I am embracing “Now” as in “this very moment.” It is what it is…right this nano-second. What time is it? Now. That’s what time it is. There is no overwhelming feeling in this moment. “Overwhelm” is in the past we are still unpacking or the future of all the stuff we still have yet to plow through. If we are really honest with ourselves, this present moment is the gift already realized. Now is where its at. Now is the new black. This is the time to strike (even if it means just being).


In spite of my Yoda moments of coaching, I too fall victim to the mind racing amuck. This is why I wanted the watch, so that I can look at it and remember to be really present in whatever activity I’m engaging in. And what a joke the Universe played on me as a waited and waited and waited for this watch to come. Where’s my watch? Why isn’t there a tracking number? I want my Now watch NOW! Oh…the irony! Sometimes I need to quit waiting for the next thing just like everyone else.


So next time you find yourself mulling over a past relationship or business snafu or fretting over your huge “To Do” list, give yourself a break. Focus on how you want “To Be.” Take a few deep breaths. Drink some water. Get grounded in the present moment. Quit judging yourself and have a good laugh. Look around and appreciate all that’s in the space at this very moment. Smile and be grateful that you are walking around wide awake in this present moment. Will you do that? Be that? Good, Grasshopper. 🙂