A bit about my philosophy as a coach…

  • I believe you are naturally creative, resourceful and whole. You are already a powerhouse of possibility, answers and powerful choice… you just need to engage all cylinders!
  • I honor wherever you are and whatever experiences you are encountering, AND I hold a safe and courageous place for you to explore and experience major risk-taking and dream-lassoing learnings and action. I know you have plenty of people in your life that will play with you in ‘victim’ behavior, so you can count on me to by-pass that and hold you to your higher self.
  • I take the approach that aspects of an unfulfilled life is a burning platform. In the corporate world, a burning platform is a “crisis”, either real or manufactured, that warrants significant and immediate change. What is the burning platform in your life? While there is much to celebrate and embrace about what IS working in your life, what would it be like to not let one more day go by without living it EXACTLY the way you want? No more “have to’s” but a life filled with “get to’s”! I partner with you to find the mega fulfillment you want to create in your life. This is the BIG AGENDA we tackle through coaching.
  • While my coaching is applicable to anyone with fire in their belly to make serious change in their life, my niche is the corporate client longing to bring more of their true, whole self to work and to the world. These clients often surface as “corporate burn-outs” not knowing how to unlock the golden handcuffs they may be bound by. Another client that is my main focus is the recovering corporate who is looking to redefine themselves. Through coaching, clients will learn how to become CEOs of their WHOLE life. I have much experience with women entrepreneurs and those in life/career transition. My ideal client is the one who knows deep inside there’s more to life than the way its currently playing out for them, that they have the HUNGER to choose differently…AND want an active partner to help them understand how to achieve what’s possible for them.
    • What’s with the lightning bolt, you may ask. I equate my style to being like lightning. Lightning is really a giant “spark” stimulating the senses and injecting energy to deploy whatever is needed to achieve your goals including how to “be” vs. just “do.” Coaching with the element of lightning shines a big light on your values and what’s most important to you. It also destroys your limiting beliefs, perspectives or stories weighing you down, your inner critic that’s stopping you from dreaming to live and living your dream. While lightning may be “scary” to some, have faith that I hold an open, loving, compassionate space for you to explore this energy; I’m here with you holding the lightning rod. There is gorgeous silence and peace when the storm is finished. It is a powerful cycle through which you feel supported all the way.
        • I believe in the law of attraction. If what you are reading is not your cup of tea, I release you with gratitude to find the coach that’s perfect for you. If on the other hand, you are the reciprocal energy to what I have to offer, than contact me and let the bolts fly!!!