“Janine is a force of nature! She brings her expertise and energy to both team facilitation and personal coaching, and she always adds value with her insights. She also has some really useful, simple frameworks that have helped me and our team to manage through complexity. Even short (30 mins or 1 hour) sessions have been extremely productive. I recommend her as a partner wholeheartedly.”

Gemma Hart

VP, Communications, Danone North America

“I have utilized Janine’s coaching skills for several years. As a female leader in the CPG industry it is important that I was able to find someone who understood my issues/concerns, and more importantly helped me (and the team) reach personal and professional goals.
I would strongly recommend Janine’s pragmatic approach, sensitivity and ability to help a working woman juggle the many areas of their life.”

Deana Sabatino

Vice President / General Manager, Marketing at Hain Celestial

“Janine was a preferred coach at my last company and I’ve never seen a coach have such a significant, positive impact on each individual who got the benefit of engaging with her. Whether she was 1:1, in small groups or even a large group session, her dynamic style, authenticity and ability to provide practical tools to help employees and leaders improve themselves personally and professionally was amazing to observe. I highly recommend Janine to partner with anyone who is looking to help their leaders bring their whole selves to work, break through self-limiting beliefs and find a stronger balance in life.”

Eileen Lewis

Chief Human Resources Officer, Dr. Praeger's Sensible Foods, LLC

“Janine is such a fabulous coach! When we first started working together I was completely lost and very stuck. She helped me connect with myself in a way that really surprised me and has led me to a place of great joy and peace. My circumstances have not changed, but my perspective is completely different! Working with Janine was the best investment I’ve ever made in myself.”



“Janine’s unique, holisitic approach provides a fresh perspective that inspires change to both thinking and action for lasting results. Her process challenges you to consider options you may have never considered possible. Janine’s energy and positivity are downright contagious making her a pleasure to work with.”

Phillip Barone

VP Strategic Insights and Consulting at the Connell Group

“Whether you’re looking for a sounding board or someone to help you kick-start your career, Janine is an excellent resource. Janine helped coach me through some challenging times and I appreciate her candor, her enthusiasm and her ability to help me see beyond the current situation. I appreciated Janine’s help and I am confident that you will not be disappointed.”

Mike Trycieckyj

Project Engineer Mars Chocolate NA

“At Mars Retail we have partnered with Janine on a number of occasions and I can’t recommend her high enough. She is results focused, confidential, engaging, and enthusiastic. She brings an authentic and professional style that connects well with people – whether it is during a confidential one on one session or in front of a large audience – both examples of things she’s done with our teams. She is especially good at coaching balance in all areas of work and life, working with teams on engagement related activities and helping teams move forward in their journey to high performance – especially taking teams from good to great.”

Donovan Mattole


“Janine has helped me to see so many things in new ways which is helping me to improve my outlook and move ahead in areas where I have been stuck for years. I feel much more positive and empowered as a result of her coaching and expertise. I truly value the time we’ve spent together. Each session brings new ideas and insights and I look forward to each one!”

Shelly Mortensen


“Each of us could cite examples of training that only temporarily modifies behavior–a flash in the pan that dissipates quickly. [As Mark Twain wrote, “It’s easy to stop smoking. I’ve quit over 1000 times”.] However, the true testimony of any change initiative lies within the sustainability of the results. “I liken her coaching to a tide that lifts all boats. I know that I personally feel more satisfied at both work and home thanks to her.”

Jeff Warner

H.J. Heinz Company

“Live Full Coaching provided a new approach for me to address the way that I interact with others in a way that I previously hadn’t done. Janine challenged me to look at situations and experiences in ways that were more focused on what I want to do and accomplish and not what I believe I need to do. Janine also helped me separate the issues that I own and the ones that I don’t. My natural tendency is to try to take control and I need to learn the difference about when to take control and when to let others work on issues that are theirs to solve. I will definitely be more equipped to approach and action issues with others and feel comfortable knowing what will make me more successful interacting with others and creating win-win relationships.”


Nazareth, PA

“The coaching that I have received from Janine has been very insightful and instrumental for me to make perspective changes that have enabled me to move my life forward in a more peaceful, positive direction.”


New Jersey

“Janine’s ability as a coach to balance her knowledge of the corporate environment with her compassion for the individual to succeed on a personal level is truly amazing. Her insight and coaching skills have been priceless in my journey towards becoming a Leader vs. a Do-er. The perspectives that I have gained have helped me focus on how to achieve results through my team instead of feeling the need to do it all myself.”


New Jersey

“Janine has been a wonderful influence in my life. I feel at peace in my life and Janine’s guidance and energetic presence helped me to get there. Janine’s willingness to share of herself and her experiences further add to the depth in which I trust her. All of this enables me to be an even better at work and at home.”


“Janine’s techniques are innovative and resourceful! She creatively draws on your personal skills and values and guides you into creating a plan of implementation. The personal and professional results are highly measurable.”

Lori Ann Giovinco

Real Estate Broker at RE/MAX

“Janine has a gifted ability to raise me to a higher level of self-awareness! She not only honors who I am, she challenges me to be that person!”

Lisa Pflaumer


“I had the opportunity to work with Janine for several years. She was an amazing coach, both 1:1 and for our cohort of female executives. I benefited as an individual and also became much closer to my co-workers. What I loved about working with Janine was her infectious enthusiasm and the confidence she gave me to own my choices. She helped me understand that “saying no” to certain things in my life was the only way I could “SAY YES” to the things I really wanted to embrace. Perhaps my favorite part of working with Janine was that in addition of helping me personally, she also helped me professionally–manage my team, deal with my boss, etc. Janine is a true gift!!”

Melissa Nippert

VP Supply Chain Transformation

“Janine is a great coach! Fully takes into account her clients’ needs and customizes her sessions so you can get the most out of it . She is incredibly positive, pragmatic and practical. Janine will provide dozens of tools to help you think through any situation, several of which I keep using to date. Always enjoyed my sessions with her!”

Magdalena Aragon

Vice President of Procurement, Sovos Brands

“Janine has been one of the biggest gifts in my professional career. As my one-on-one executive coach and the leader of a Senior Women Leader’s group at my last employer, Janine has made a huge impact on how I approach work and life. What sets her apart is her ability to get to know you as a whole person and her empathetic/non-judgmental approach. She has been there on the front lines in challenging organizational situations and has her own full work/life to balance, so she’s not just speaking from the spectator’s viewpoint. Janine’s core skill is in helping you achieve more balance and satisfaction in a way that is uniquely designed to you. In her words, she gets you to be “the client of your own awesomeness” by helping you tease out what is truly intrinsic to your values and taking back the power of choice. Janine has been instrumental in so many ways, but the biggest shifts that have come from my work with her have been a renewed way in which I manage burnout/conflict at work and a clearer, more inspired view of the career choices that have come my way since. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to thrive more in their work/life situation. I am certain you will see it as a gift too!”

Jill Denison

Chief Innovation Strategist, Founder, GOOD TO GROW Innovation Consulting, LLC

“I have worked with Janine as both a personal coach and as a team coach to my leadership team. As a team coach she has facilitated two, 3-day off-site meetings to address how the senior leadership team could work together more effectively. The bottom line is that the team functions more effectively since these meetings, and we have secured Janine’s help to run two more meetings next year. As a personal coach, I value Janine’s honest and direct feedback. She is very smart and has the ability to link aspects of one issue with relevant lessons drawn from other experiences. Very often, after a coaching session with Janine, I am better able to see the essence of challenges and hence design a more effective course of action. She is then very diligent at following up with me on these plans to ensure that I have been able to execute effectively. Above all, I value Janine’s counsel and have complete trust in her confidentiality.”

Mike Hayes


“Janine has been coaching me for the past 6 months. Initially the focus was on my business. What I’m most excited about though is how the coaching has not only improved my business, but also my personal life. I have experienced wonderful results and am achieving a balanced, fulfilled life with Janine’s help.”



“I met Janine two years ago when she was facilitating a Mars’ training session, and found her to be highly engaging and knowledgeable. I have since established a relationship with Janine and have worked with her in various capacities including personal executive coaching and team development. Janine is the ultimate professional and I appreciate her honesty, authenticity and her drive to deliver your needs. I would highly recommend Janine to anyone looking to improve their personal and professional lives.”

Chantelle Pritchard

Finance Director – Mars

“Never having gone through the coaching process before, I didn’t know what to expect. Janine makes it feel effortless, and I look forward to every session with enthusiasm. I would recommend her over and over again. If I had to describe her and our coaching in one sentence and what you can expect it would be this: Learn, live better than you ever thought possible and expand.”



“Janine’s special gifts of lightning bolt energy and blazing clear insight combine to make her a brilliant coach. She fears nothing, holds you in the highest regard and evokes from you the hidden truth that you are capable of doing whatever serves you best, despite your strongest doubts. She will hold the space for your highest self to emerge and to encourage you to overcome any obstacle you can put in the way. Janine’s 1000-watt smile, which comes straight from the heart, will quell any lingering doubt that you are the grand and magnificent being you came here to be.”

Cat Newberry

Former HR VP of Fortune 100 Company, Current CPCC

“Janine’s special gifts of lightning bolt energy and blazing clear insight combine to make her a brilliant coach. She fears nothing, holds you in the highest regard and evokes from you the hidden truth that you are capable of doing whatever serves you best, despite your strongest doubts. She will hold the space for your highest self to emerge and to encourage you to overcome any obstacle you can put in the way. Janine’s 1000-watt smile, which comes straight from the heart, will quell any lingering doubt that you are the grand and magnificent being you came here to be.”

Cat Newberry

Former HR VP of Fortune 100 Company, Current CPCC

“Janine is a creative, engaging professional who is able to work through complex business situations and team dynamics. She brings candor, business and personal insight and is always willing to go above and beyond to drive the right business result!”

Mike Luczkowiak

Director at Mars

“Janine brought positive energy and transformed a working session into an efficient and focused team effort that allowed us to distill key outputs. Janine was able to adapt and read the energy of the team in order to change direction on the fly and address the needs of the team while still delivering the output. She keeps it fun!”


Global Chocolate Technology Director

“Over my career I have had the opportunity to work with a number of executive coaches in the areas of personal/professional development and team effectiveness. While most separate the “professional you” from the “personal you”, Janine has a unique ability to look at an “integrated you”. Therefore the benefits of her coaching carry across all areas of your life. I particularly appreciate Janine’s focus on helping you or your team achieve what you truly want, rather than simply “fixing” what’s wrong. While problems are easy to identify, defining what “great” looks like is often a greater challenge. Once the ambition is clearly defined, it’s amazing how all energy becomes aligned toward achieving that goal. Janine provides the right balance of encouragement, challenge and frameworks to help you get to this positive, focused mindset.”

Bob Gamgort

CEO of Pinnacle Foods Group, LLC

“Janine in a word class coach! Her keen intuition, enthusiastic nature and ability to find what’s most important make her an effective coach for those with big dreams. Janine genuinely cares about her clients and goes above and beyond to assist them to achieve their goals and live fulfilling, joyful lives. Her sense of humor is infectious and she absolutely walks her talk. I hope you get the opportunity to experience this powerhouse of a woman.”

Mary Beth

New Mexico