Unapologetic Work Life Balance

Book by Janine Graziano-Full

There is time in your life to have it all, a career and a personal life you love!

This book is for the corporate warrior who struggles with work life balance and is teetering on the edge of burnout. You will see what’s possible to create a more balanced and fulfilled life in the same currently-stressful 24 hours. You can be brilliant at your job and still have time to chill out and thoroughly enjoy every precious moment of your life.

Janine Graziano-Full is a corporate warrior-turned-coach that has helped 100s of clients enjoy their careers and personal lives more than ever.

You’ll move out of overwhelm, stress and burnout into confidence, excitement and deep personal fulfillment as you discover how to:

  • Make powerful choices that allow you to experience more satisfaction in every area of your life.
  • Increase your effectiveness at work with ease and authority.
  • Design and direct your life so your work and your personal life complement rather than compete with each other.
  • Experience the joy and efficiency of letting how you feel dictate what you choose to do.
  • Show up authentically without masks, excuses or hiding.
  • Stop waiting for that magical “when” and start living your most amazing life right now.

This book is like You Are a Bad Ass meets The 4-Hour Work Week and then they discovered the Secret. You can change nothing and keep wasting time until you are officially part of Team Burnout, or you can choose to thrive now and create the life you love!

Janine Graziano Full

Janine Graziano-Full, CPCC
Chief Possibility Officer
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