It’s the first day of school for my oldest kiddos, and I am so grateful they are together on the bus. I’m feeling emotional and so connected to them.

I’d like to think I have many more years with them, but one never knows.Wayne Dyer

I usually don’t live in a pessimistic, ‘what if’ world. As a child I was way more fearful. Nostradamus, anyone? He ruled my dreams. But as an adult I feel I have a choice whether or not to stay in negativity.

Today I am tender. The loss of the great Wayne Dyer has left me saddened with the reminder of what’s temporary.

I can talk and coach about powerful choice all day long. I also talk about how important it is to be with whatever is. That if we skip over the pain, it bites us in the ass eventually. What we resist persists, so lets just face into the tsunami.

But it can be even more peaceful than that. It is like riding the wave vs. tackling or muscling it.

Doreen Virtue said on her Aug 29 meditation about “letting go” that releasing doesn’t mean you don’t care. And for someone who is competitive/Type A, this was important for me to hear.

Releasing doesn’t mean you don’t care. Let go of what’s weighing you down. Worry is a form of prayer for something you don’t want.

While I am not worried at the moment, I’m grieving. I’m sad for the loss of Wayne, yet left with intense gratitude for how he’s shaped my life and the world around us. His words visit me on a daily basis. I’ve devoured numerous books and CDs and have been captivated every time his PBS special was on. I’ve had the privilege of seeing him speak in person at the I Can Do It Conference in NYC and this June meeting him in the Writing From Your Soul workshop in Maui. This loss I feel is real.

To be in Wayne’s presence was humbling, engaging and infectious. His humor, wisdom and spirit were unparalleled. At the workshop in Maui, I couldn’t write at times because I didn’t want to take my eyes off him. It came from total humility and respect. Being around that much authentic love and light was potent.

That’s the thing about love. If you don’t break your heart wide open, you’ll never fill it with light and love that fuels your soul.

Life is meant to be lived fully. Suck that marrow, dance with reckless abandon, love courageously.

Wayne Dyer said the wake does not drive the boat. As the perpetual wearer of the powerful choice hat, I couldn’t agree more. And I also believe you get to experience that wake fully in service of moving on.

Your decisions or circumstances cause a stir. So rather than blast away at full throttle, ride that wave and experience the ups and downs until the lesson is harvested, the love is appreciated (for yourself and others) and self-induced calm waters emerge. You’ll see your reflection of love, gratitude, possibility, and you will choose again. Get back in the boat and drive!

Don’t begrudge the wake or wave. How else will you get the ride of a lifetime?

Like the rhythm of the tide, its all part of the cycle nature has already figured out. Seasons come and go, the sun rises and sets, the moon waxes and wanes.

Transitions are a time for appreciation. And ideally we aren’t waiting for them to love and be loved. They are a reminder of what was, what is and what’s possible.

As this new school year kicks off, and life of a world without the physical presence of the great inspiration Wayne Dyer commences, the lessons abound. I am grateful for the past summer of varied experiences with my family and the solo magical trip to Maui being part of the Writing From Your Soul workshop with Doreen Virtue and Wayne Dyer and other Hay House loves. I am living in the nano-second of what is here now, and I’m eager for what is unfolding and being manifested.

Wayne Dyer has significantly impacted my own life and work. I can only hope to continue my life’s purpose and change the world with a fraction of the reach that he has had. Thank you, Wayne Dyer.

Love courageously; choose powerfully, live fully, my friends!