It’s November already! Moments ago I was knee-deep in pumpkin carving (and snow in Northeast PA) and scouting for ghosts and goblins with my little ones. It’s amazing what yet one more day brings…a new month and a new season approaching. It’s time for Thanks Giving.

This may sound funny, but I am actually thankful for the time we carve out (pun intended) annually for Thanks. For me, it’s a time of nesting and harvesting the fruits of labor. And, it doesn’t need to be November for us to be so mindful of what we appreciate in our lives. In fact, living in the ‘Gratitude Attitude’ leads to even more of the same. We truly deepen the ‘story’ we create for ourselves when we seek evidence to support it. It is up to us to decide how we want to be and feel about the circumstances in our lives.

When we focus on what IS working to get even more of what we desire, there’s an energy shift that happens. By appreciating, loving, accepting and nurturing what’s present, that’s a present in itself. There’s an ease here…a letting go of sorts. Conversely, the act of wanting acknowledges that there is a gap, like chasing a rainbow we can never touch. This doesn’t mean we can never long for something or have goals. The key is to check in with how you are feeling and notice the impact it’s having on your thoughts and physical self.

I’ve been testing this mindset shift with my 3 year old lately. When she asks for something she already has (like crayons), we say, “Thank You for my many Blessings.” It’s also a nightly prayer. We say our thanks for the 1,000 crayons we already have, for example, and see what happens. Now, it doesn’t abandon all talk of other things she’d like in her art box, but the focus on what’s present here and now, actually changes the mindset from longing to appreciation. Its super cool when it starts coming from her…”Momma, look at ALL the colors!” Awesome!

So, my challenge to you is to experiment with the stories you are creating and the evidence you are seeking to support them. Try focusing on “all the colors” that are around you already, and “see what happens!” Being in the place of gratitude has a real impact on your attitude.

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