I LOVE Halloween and this time of year. I’m a bit of a thrill-seeker in general, but something about the spooky nights and mischief in the air makes me come alive!


I’m sure you’ve all heard the words of Eleanor Roosevelt and others’ versions, “Do one thing every day that scares you.” There are many good learnings that come from testing yourself and pushing through the uneasy feelings. True growth comes out the other side. And sometimes your values are telling you something, like maybe you shouldn’t open the door and walk out onto your dark porch and say, “Hello??? Is anybody there?” when you hear a chainsaw in the background. (That always drives me crazy in horror movies!)


I am 100% for challenges and possibilities! And, so my invitation to you is to not let fear in the driver’s seat. A life governed by fear is not sustainable and it sure isn’t fun. It is so much more fruitful to look at fear in the face and uncover what value is being stepped on or what’s most important to you in this moment. The fear is telling you something, so listen. And listening doesn’t mean agreeing or complying. It just means you are understanding of the message. Allow yourself to harvest the learning that fear is shining a spotlight on. Take that juice, and go make a great cocktail with it.


It is time to take your power back, and make meaningful choices based on your values and what gives you the most joy. Don’t let fear rule the roost. Don’t make key decisions from a fearful place. If fear is your #1 motivator right now, stop and think about what it is you do want instead of what you are trying to protect or prevent.


I fully understand the fight or flight reflexes of emergency situations. There’s value in the knee-jerk reactions when it comes to safety, so please don’t think I’m second-guessing that. This is all about the compass you are using to navigate the bigger picture. If the fear-meter is your tool, I’m suggesting you put it down and use a better inner GPS system called your Higher Self. Paying attention to your core and using that to guide you to more love, more abundance, more fulfillment is much more sustainable than anything fear can serve up.


So carve your pumpkins, pick out a fun (or scary) costume and haunt a house this Halloween. Enjoy whatever gifts surface from a bit of fear. Learn from the fear by clarifying your values and what you DO want instead of what you DON’T want. After all, life is a lot juicier when you stand in your power and not cower.


Are you ready to kick fear to the curb? Please contact me to learn more about what’s possible for you!