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The Power of NO

“I am the lightning that changes the world one strike at a time.” After months of introspection on my “life’s purpose,” this was the crystallized statement that I developed years ago and it still resonates with me big time. Those of you who know me well know that I am a high-energy person in every way. Yet, I sometimes get flack for this statement because “lightning kills!” Well, yes it can. But I’d prefer to see it applied to blasting stories and beliefs that do not serve your authenticity, zapping self-criticism, negativity and fear, and destroying the other things that do not leave you feeling energized. It takes courage to eliminate, remove, say “no,” put up boundaries and all of those blocking or zapping actions. Down deep, you want to please, serve, be liked, be appreciated, or even recognized. And that ‘violent’ act can seem selfish or unkind. But let
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