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Prevent Burnout: Be Like the Moon

Hello, Warriors! I’ve been writing and coaching about burnout prevention and recovery a ton lately. It’s my passion. I feel as if I’ve been planted on this earth to help be a mirror to others’ pain points while championing them to make the powerful choices they desire to rock their own world. Let’s go beyond the world, for a moment. If you were to think of the role you play in our solar system, what comes to mind? Yes, that’s quite the question, so let’s make it multiple choice. You can be the Sun or you can be the Moon. The Sun is fabulous because everyone is happy to see it, it warms the whole planet and never once asks what have you done for me. It’s toasty, bright, sheds light and provides life for planet Earth. It’s often worshiped. Those are all pretty amazing qualities. If you are the
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