Live Full Circle Corporate Community

Live Full Circle Corporate Community

I’d love to have you part of the Live Full Circle Corporate community!

This group is for corporate professionals who want to move from overwhelm, stress and burnout into confidence, peace, and deep personal fulfillment.

Given that I’m a life coach for the corporate warrior, all your needs, goals and topics are possibilities to address! The focus tends to lean toward work life balance and a better support system in this arena, although we cover leadership, communication and other topics that surface in the corporate world.

This group will be capped to 12 to allow for more interaction and facetime between myself and others in the group. Once closed, we will continue to evaluate and evolve with the needs of the group.

Live Full Circle Membership includes:

  • Topics*, Tips and Q&A – 1st Tuesday of every month – 1:00-1:50PM EST via Zoom (and recorded)
  • Hot Seat Coaching – 3rd Tuesday of every month – 1:00-1:50PM EST via Zoom
  • *We will also have guest speakers throughout the year on various topics!

I would then send you an invite to Mighty Networks which is the app and communication site that we will be using during our program. This is a central place to show the call-in/zoom information as well as being able to chat and communicate. You can also download the app to your phone so that it is separate from the distractions of work email and traditional social media (but this is not required).

If you join before our next call, I’ll bonus you a 1-on-1 coaching call with me to use by the end of the next month.

I look forward to supporting you and other corporate warriors through Live Full Circle!