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Me … Enlightened?

Hello Dear Warriors! I just recently started up a new, ‘bigger and better’ turtle tank for my daughter’s two red-eared sliders. The tank is huge and spacious and has a floating platform at the top so that there’s plenty of room for them to swim about below it. These guys have it made! Or do they? While they had all kinds of space not to mention that snazzy new platform, they seemed to migrate to the only plant in the tank so they could rest a foot on it or swim around and through it. All this unblocked, free-flowing space, and they keep running into the fake plant in the corner. I think they must be bored and want a challenge. This resonates with me. I was disclosing to a group of clients the other day that I have hardly landed the plane on self-improvement or  self-development. I haven’t yet
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