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Today I Am Tender: The Loss of Wayne Dyer

It’s the first day of school for my oldest kiddos, and I am so grateful they are together on the bus. I’m feeling emotional and so connected to them. I’d like to think I have many more years with them, but one never knows. I usually don’t live in a pessimistic, ‘what if’ world. As a child I was way more fearful. Nostradamus, anyone? He ruled my dreams. But as an adult I feel I have a choice whether or not to stay in negativity. Today I am tender. The loss of the great Wayne Dyer has left me saddened with the reminder of what’s temporary. I can talk and coach about powerful choice all day long. I also talk about how important it is to be with whatever is. That if we skip over the pain, it bites us in the ass eventually. What we resist persists, so lets
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