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The Affinity for Infinity

My 1-year-old son has had an obsession with the Number 8 for months now. It was actually his fourth word right behind, “Dadda”, “Momma” and “Cat.” He points it out and screams it everywhere he sees it…on a calculator, stacking block, the phone, wherever! I was attributing it to my frequency of watching “Local on the 8s” for the latest weather forecast, but now I’m not so sure. During a recent visit with one of our psychology savvy friends, I asked him what the significance would be with the Number 8. He exclaimed, “It’s Infinity!” I’m wondering what message my little guy is trying to pass on? I’d like to think there are endless possibilities in this life (or the next), which would suit my title of Chief Possibility Officer just nicely! Wikipedia research states the infinity symbol is sometimes called the lemniscate, from the Latin lemniscus, meaning “ribbon”. A
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