Upcoming Book

Thank you for your interest in my book and being part of the launch team!

This book is for corporate executives not having enough time in the day because they keep prioritizing work over family. They want to love the balance in their life that they create in both work and home.

My manuscript is due March 4th and how ironic as I’m attempting to march forth to make a difference for all of the corporate warriors out there.

As part of the Book Launch Team, you will get:

  • An early copy of the book
  • A signed copy once in print
  • A live 1-hour class (it will be recorded in case you miss it, details to follow)
  • A free gift from me

As part of the Book Launch Team, I need your help with the following:

  1. Read the book (or a chapter from the book).
  2. Write a specific review for the book (I can help you do this).
  3. Please spread the word on social media or your email list when prompted.
  4. Post the review on launch day (all details TBD).

I will send you all the details as we progress, and please know I’m so grateful you are here!

All you need to do right now is click on the link here to opt-in as a YES! I’m on the Book Launch Team to help Janine make a difference!

Thank you so much!

Janine Graziano-Full, CPCC
Chief Possibility Officer
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